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My Close Encounter with Bon Scott

 In his book Highway to Hell: The Life and Death of AC/DC Legend Bon Scott, author Clinton Walker writes: Bon Scott was a man who lived for the moment. And when those moments had run out, his reputation solidified into legend – This was indeed one of the last true wild men of rock. The graffiti

What Happened to Brian Jones?

In his book titled Brian Jones The Making of the Rolling Stones, Paul Trynka wrote: Brian Jones got many things wrong in his life, but the most important thing he got right, for his music was world-changing.  Brian Jones was born to a middle-class family in Chelfenham, England. He was known as a pretty boy trouble

Kurt Cobain’s Final Days

In his book Heavier Than Heaven A Biography of Kurt Cobain, Charles R. Cross writes: Kurt had always believed that recognition for his talent would cure the many emotional pains that marked his early life; becoming successful had proven the folly of this and increased the shame he felt that his booming popularity coincided with an